Mission & Vision

Health Ingredients Trading is a wholesaler of nuts, seeds, grains, dried fruits, fats, syrups and spices. We import and export purely organic products from more than 35 countries.

We consider it our mission to bring suppliers of the best organic ingredients and food producers from all over the world into contact with each other.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Sharing our knowledge of organic food with our customers
  • Doing business in an ethical way with fair prices for producers
  • Supporting farmers who want to switch to organic farming
  • Good working conditions for all employees in the food chain
  • Continually striving for the best quality


Guaranteeing high-quality organic produce starts at the source. At Health Ingredients Trading, we take the quality of our products extremely seriously. By entering into long-term relationships with our suppliers, together we can ensure a safe food chain and reliable traceability to the source.

Together with our agronomists, certification institutes and suppliers, we work closely with farmers to continue to meet organic standards.

For each delivery, we have several unprocessed samples tested by in-house and external specialists. In this way, we can continually test whether we meet the requirements we set for organic products. To this end, we work together with renowned laboratories:

  • Groen Agro Control
  • TLR
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Eurofins

Our Team

Frank Reijnen

Managing Director


‘Everyone is unique and that’s a good thing. That diversity enables us to realise fantastic and spectacular results.’

Started HIT in 2009. Tells his five-year-old nephew that he buys and sells ingredients. Enjoys the international aspect of his job, working with different cultures and learning more about ‘his’ products every day. Wanted to become a pilot when he was younger so that he could fly like a bird and see a lot of the world. Still flies to destinations around the globe, but as a passenger. Used to build model planes. Loves to eat Indian, Italian and Dutch food. Never liked cucumber and still doesn’t.

Joep Rooijakkers

Quality & Sales


‘In my work, I follow my passion. That’s more important to me than money, status or power’

The apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree. Joep wanted to become a chef when he was younger. Still gets great pleasure from creating delicious dishes. He tells his friends’ children that he buys and sells food that is healthy for people and good for the planet. Gains more and more knowledge about food in his daily job. Challenges himself not to be satisfied with the obvious answer. Likes to cook asparagus with lamb and turnip mash for himself.

Esther van der Waal

Logistics & Administration


‘My optimism and enthusiasm make me unique.’

Until the age of 18, Esther dreamed of becoming a police officer. Nowadays she’s glad her career turned into a safer direction. Explains to her little niece that she makes sure our customers receive the goods they’ve ordered. The food industry might be new to her, but she knows Italian food on her plate makes her smile and so does cooking for friends and family. Loves to hike outside, takes one step at a time and crossed our small country from North to South by foot, which is still a vastly 490 km!

Erik 't Hart



‘I’m convinced that every setback creates new opportunities, therefore I have a positive attitude toward life and only think in terms of opportunities.’

Like many young boys, Erik dreamed of becoming a pilot. Instead of flying, he landed at HIT where he likes the challenge to reach for the sky offering the right product for the right price to a satisfied customer. Is a big fan of the French cuisine with a good glass of wine, but if you ask nicely he’ll show his own cooking skills. The one thing we know for sure; it won’t be sauerkraut.

Leonie Reijnen

Financial Administration


‘Everyone is unique, just like me. How nice is that!’

Leonie soon realised that becoming a princess comes at a cost. Beautiful dresses and a crown don’t come cheap. So she eventually got involved in paying bills and making money for HIT. And she enjoys it, because every day is different and her colleagues are much nicer than Cinderella’s envious stepsisters. But the diva inside hasn’t completely disappeared: Leonie loves to eat in places where she doesn’t have to cook or do the dishes.