Transport of food products is subject to all kinds of rules and regulations. Since we have worked in the food industry for many years, we know all the ins and outs like the back of our hand. Our network of transporters also knows them. We set high demands for our products and for the transport of our products. Our transporters meet the IFS High Level standard. in delivering our products to destinations across the globe.


A good product deserves an attractive packaging. A packaging that presents the product in an appealing way and also ensures that its freshness is maintained. Our packers treat each product with the utmost care.

Managed warehousing

Our products come from more than 35 countries, each with a different harvest season. This produces the same questions each harvest: Where can we store our stocks? How can we keep costs low? And how can we facilitate rapid deliveries?

Managed warehousing offers the solution:

  • Modern warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany and England
  • Storage that meets the most stringent food safety requirements
  • Stock control fully outsourced
  • Pre-financing options
  • Quicker delivery times for customers