Organic Baobab Powder

"Adansonia digitata"

We offer 100% Organic Certified Baobab Powder made from the fruits that grow on the large baobab tree in Africa. The fruits are cracked open to extract the pulp from the fruit.

To obtain the Organic Baobab Powder from the pulp is dried, sieved and milled to obtain the powder. The Organic Baobab Powder is rich in nutrients and supports a wide range of benefits. It is known for its high Vitamin C contents. Only two teaspoons of Organic Baobab Powder can contain up to 33% of the daily required Vitamin C intake.

The Organic Baobab Powder is also a very well known product in the cosmetic industry, where it often used to prevent wrinkels and improve skin condition. In the food industry it is usually added to yoghurts, baking products or your early morning smoothie!

100% Organic Certified!

Productcode: HITB.04.0001


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