Organic Beetroot Powder

"Beta vulgaris L."

Our Organic Beetroot Powder has a very intense purple colour. Thanks to the cryogenic milling process the beetroot powder preserves it colour and nutritional values during the milling process. Beets have the highest sugar content of all the vegetables and are becoming popularly used as a sweetening substitute. Besides that, Organic Beetroot Powder is becoming very popular in the Vegan meat industry. It is often added to Vegan protein burgers to give the burger a nice red colour, making it look like a regular meat burger.

The Organic Beetroot Powder is becoming more popular as the trend towards Vegan products increases. We can offer Organic Beetroot Powder in bulk packaging and various private label solutions!.

Available in 100% Organic certified quality

Productcode: HITB.04.0042


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