Organic Natural Cacao Powder 10-12%

"Theobroma Cacao"

We offer Organic Natural Cacao Powder 10-12% made from premium cacao beans. The finest cacao beans are cleaned and processed to obtain our cacao powder. Our cacao powder is low cadmium and has a low-fat content of 10-12%. Further, it has a characteristics taste and odor, and is a good source of fibers, magnesium and iron.

Selected cacao beans are first washed and disinfected. The skins of the cacao are softened using low heat treatment, and then the grains are ground and de-husked to obtain cacao nibs. The nibs then go through a grinding process to obtain cacao paste, which is then poured into a press to take out the oil from it (which after cooling is solidified and known as cacao butter). Once we take out the oil from the cacao paste, we are leftover with the cacao "cake" or "press cake", which after cooling down is ground to obtain the cacao powder, with a fat content of 10 - 12%.

Cacao powder is rich in minerals and flavonoids, powerful antioxidants with anti-inflammatory and immune system benefits. This can be used in ice cream, hot cacao, and baking products.

Available in organic and Fairtrade certified!

Productcode: HITB.04.0006


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