Organic Coconut Flour

"Cocos nucifera"

We offer Organic Coconut Flour sourced from Sri Lanka and the Phillipines. Coconuts are one of the larger agricultural products on Sri Lanka. Coconuts are used for various different products, including Coconut Flour.

Organic Coconut Flour is made from ground and dried coconut meat that is left over from the production of Organic Coconut Oil. It is not actually 'flour' in the way we normally think of it: it doesn't contain grains or nuts but it is made completely out of pure coconut. The coconut oil is extracted from the dried flesh and the press cake is grinded and sieved into coconut flour. The gluten-free flour is high in fiber and a low glycemic food, making it perfect for many baking purposes.

Available in 100% certified Organic quality

Productcode: HITB.04.0007


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