Organic Dried Banana Slices

"Musa paradisiaca"

Health Ingredients Trading's Organic Dried Banana Slices are sourced from Peru, where the bananas grow on large banana trees. Our organic dried banana slices are chewy, naturally sweet and delicious!

Our Organic Dried Banana Slices are made from dried bananas which have only been dehydrated in Peru. The bananas are not fried or treated sulphur.

The banana slices (also called kerupuk or krupuk pisang) are yellow/brown and chewy with a very sweet and an intense banana flavour. They can be eaten as a snack or used in baking products thanks to their naturally sweet taste.

Health Ingredients Trading can offer Organic Dried Banana Slices in 100% Organic Certified quality!

Productcode: HITB.03.0001


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