Organic Dried White Mulberries

"Morus alba"

We offer Organic Dried White Mulberries from stock in the Netherlands. Our mulberries are sourced from Turkey, where the highest quality organic mulberries are picked and selected. Organic Dried Mulberries are also known as 'berries of wisdom' in Turkey.

Organic Dried White Mulberries are sweet, delicious and nutritional rich. It is the perfect dried fruit snack that you can eat everyday. It is often used in trial mixes and to replace dates, figs and dates.

Organic White Mulberries have a distinctive flavour, sometimes described as refreshing and a little tart, with a bit of gumminess to it and a hint of vanilla. Mulberries are high in vitamin C and iron, and are widely used in pies, tarts, cordials and herbal teas.

Available in 100% Organic Certified Quality!

Productcode: HITB.03.0008


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